New Year’s Vision

It’s January 5th 2014 and I just woke up beside my beloved husband. It’s about 6:00am and we feel rested, alive, and excited about the upcoming day. We take some time to snuggle before getting up for our morning routine. Our children are sleeping peacefully and we know they will be well rested and ready for an adventurous day.
We rise and get dressed – there are not many choices but I feel comfortable and good in my clothes. I have a green smoothie while we gather our things – a bag with fresh fruit and nuts for breakfast, water, my camera, yoga paws, etc.
When the kids stir, we go to them and get some warm sweet snuggles and hugs. They use the bathroom and get dressed and then we all walk a short ways to an overlook for sunrise and breakfast. Eric eats with the kids and plays lovely music and I do yoga. The kids join in for part of my routine. I feel grounded, strong, flexible, and one with nature.
We then set out to hike to a neighboring village where we are volunteering in a community center. The hike is challenging but the views are stunning and it feels good to breath fresh air. We pass by villagers who are farming and wave hello. Many are dressed traditionally and I love seeing the designs and colors of the hand woven fabrics. While we walk I think about how lucky we are to have so much and to be satisfied with so little. I am amazed that the rent from our few properties provides us with the funds to live the life we choose.
When we arrive we see the familiar faces of other volunteers and locals with whom we’ve become quite close. I have been doing life coaching, working with local women to educate and empower them. In truth I feel I’ve learned as much from them as they have from me. We laugh and joke as we talk about the progress each of us has made on our goals while the kids play happily in the courtyard. Meanwhile, Eric works with a team to install the latest solar powered rain water collection sewage treatment system for the village.
As midday approaches, we pick up some fresh fruits and veggies (pineapple, greens, tomato, and avocado) from the open air market to have for lunch and play some numbers games with the kids out loud while we eat. I can see how much Aden and Annalise are blossoming since we started this life together and it brings me great joy. I feel fulfilled me deeply grateful for this amazing life I have.
We return home and lay down for an afternoon siesta. Eric and I enjoy a short snooze and the little ones have no trouble falling asleep after all the activity from the morning. Eric and I wake after about an hour and take some time for each other while the kids continue to nap. We are so passionately connected – we make love under the heavens, surrounded by nature. The wind blows and plays with our hair and I am inspired by the power and beauty of nature and our connectedness.
I go for a jog while Eric skypes with his Mom. When Aden wakes, he reads out loud to himself and then helps Daddy with a special project they are working on together. They are like two peas in a pod and Aden loves being Daddy’s helper. When Annalise gets up, Aden reads a short book to her and Eric joins in the fun, soaking up the sweetness.
When I get back, we have a healthy snack and work and play together for a while. There are a few chores to be done around our humble abode, which the kids are proud and happy to help complete. We enjoy playing games as a family as well and love to see what great playmates Aden and Annalise are.
We fix a dish for dinner to bring to a pot luck and drum circle happening tonight. We are so glad the kids take such good naps so that they can stay up late to enjoy the evening’s festivities! While we eat dinner, I notice what healthy choices my kids make and am satisfied that I too feel satiated by a healthy variety of foods and the great company that surrounds me. We easily delve into deep conversation with the friends at our table and I am intrigued by the personal insights that arise.
The kids play well together after dinner and the drum circle begins. We enjoy drumming, singing, and dancing around a central fire and a primal spirit seems to take over my body. I move with the music as if one with everyone and everything. My children are entranced by the music and also love to dance and drum. Aden also loves to tend the fire as do some of the other boys around. I know that he is safe and makes responsible choices. Smoke rises into the night sky and the moon shines brightly through the trees. Mist floats over the nearby lake and I am enchanted by the whole scene.
Around 9pm, we walk back to our house, do a quick bedtime routine – Eric  reads a story while I nurse Annalise – and we tuck the kids into bed. They fall to sleep effortlessly and fulfilled. Eric and I take a moment to look at the stars together and reflect on the day and our thoughts and desires. Soon, we head to bed ourselves, relaxed and at peace with the harmonious and beautiful life we have created for ourselves.

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