Everything is perfect.
The universe is perfect beyond comprehension.

Even the popcorn popper we got for Christmas (the one I hated to receive because it epitomizes everything I DON’T want in my life right now) is perfect.

Perhaps the popper has come into my life to help me see all the unnecessary clutter I allow to surround and suffocate me.

Aden is perfect.

Even if I don’t know why or how. His eating, his sleep or lack of sleep, his behavior, his energy – whether I understand it or not, my life is unfolding exactly as it should and so is his.

When I release and resign myself to the flow of the universe and fill myself with gratitude for the known and unknown perfection all around me – that is when my spiritual journey can begin.

My job is not to control or direct things, but to accept and learn from the experiences offered.

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